Your Questions, Answered


What kit do I need to do the training?

You are welcome to use the equipment at our training facilities, there is no need to buy your own if you don’t want to. You will however need to buy your WCF Contender top for £5 on your first night.

You will need 16oz boxing gloves, but these are available to borrow at our training facility. Or if you prefer, buy your own pair from us.

Boxing boots can be purchased for as little as £15 and are ideal for training or if you wish you can wear trainers.

Here is more information on kit that is available to buy.


What are the age limits?

To take part in White Collar Fighter you need to be aged between 18 and 55 years old.


Do I need any previous experience?

You don’t need any previous boxing experience. We match you with your opponent based on size, attitude and ability. This means that you’ll be matched with someone that’s very similar to yourself.


What will the training and preparations be like?

Training will be very demanding. You will be put through your paces physically and mentally. In return for your hard training you will get fitter, stronger, and the experience will be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done.


Who will I fight?

At White Collar Fighter we match you after one month’s training. The reason we do this is so that we can get to know the abilities of the group first. We will pair you with an equally matched opponent at this point.


What will Event Night be like?

Event Night will be professionally run and managed. Throughout your experience professionalism is our priority and Event Night is no different.

The Event Night is a night that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Where do my friends buy tickets from?

They can buy tickets from the White Collar Fighter website or they can buy them from you as you will be given a number of tickets to sell.


What equipment do I need for Event Night?

On Event Night you will just need to bring suitable footwear. Boxing boots can be purchased for as little as £15 and are ideal. You will also need a gum shield. These can be purchased from WCF or a local sports shop for £5. Everything else is provided by us on Event Night.


Is there anyone I can speak to if I have more questions?

Our experts are always available to answer any questions. Here are our contact details.


Do you offer any additional training?

We will hold an additional training session once a week that will cost £5 per session to take part in. This is not compulsory and you can decide on whether to do this nearer the time.


What if I decide I don’t want to fight, can I just do the training?

It is natural to get pre-fight nerves, even the professionals do. Our experienced staff will be there throughout your journey to advise and guide you. During the training we will give you coaching on how to channel the adrenaline and deal with nerves.

During your fight your coach will be there in your corner to guide you. White Collar Fighter – The Ultimate Boxing Experience is all about making you mentally, as well as physically, a stronger person.


Is the experience safe?

Extremely. Your safety is our priority. All Contenders must wear gum shields, groin guards, specially designed head guards and 16oz Boxing gloves (bigger than normal gloves for your protection).

You will be matched with an equally matched opponent and you will be fully trained mentally and physically to prepare you for Event Night.

On Event Night, you will have a medical before and after your fight. We have professional medics and an ambulance at every Event Night.


How do I go about raising money for a charity and can I raise Money for any charity?

You can raise money for any charity. Our partner charity is Cash For Kids around the UK but you do not have to raise for them… you can raise for any charity.

We will run through how you raise money for your chosen charity in your first week of training.


I have a friend who wants to join the programme. Can they join?

Our programmes get full weeks before they start. There is often a waiting list. Please ask anyone who wants to sign up to text ‘CONTEND’ to 03333660357 or ask them to click on the link.

We will endeavour to get your friend on the same programme as you.


My circumstances have changed and I can no longer make training. What do I do?

Please text ‘STOP’ to 03333660357.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?


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