Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Why Take Part?

We take rank beginners who have never boxed before and train them for the experience of a lifetime. You’ll get trained by not just “was-once”, but current-day champions.

Eight weeks of free training will get you in peak condition mentally and phsically, culminating in a pride match against an equally matched opponent.

Here’s why you should take part and become a White Collar Fighter.

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

At White Collar Fighter we have world-class boxing trainers that will drive you to the peak of your physical performance. Build muscle, explode fat, and walk away with strength and stamina you’ve only ever imagined having!

Feel the Roar of the Crowd

Feel the pulse of your theme song, because when you come out for your White Collar Fighter match you’ll feel like a goddamn super star! We hold nothing back, your friends and family will be ringside, screaming your name, and the hundreds of others will be cheering as you’re professionally introduced by an announcer. “In this corner…”

Raise Money for Charity

At the heart of White Collar Fighter is the mission to raise money for charity. We’ll make it easy for you to setup, but we’ll also make sure it’s announced to everyone who attends.

Your effort, pain and strength aren’t just for you. You’ve also done this for the charity of your choice.

Improve Yourself

Sign up with White Collar Fighter and we guarantee you’ll feel great, gain confidence and build pride by accomplishing something you never knew you could.

Let the endorphins take your attitude to the next level and let the competitive drive sharpen your instinct to an edge it’s never been able to hold before. The boxing training will be intense and you’ll come away from each session buzzing knowing you’ve had a great work out.

Protect Yourself

Our carefully selected instructors will teach you valuable boxing skills throughout the eight week programme. These skills will serve you in the ring, but they’ll also keep serving you for the rest of your life, especially if you keep training.

Safe Boxing

The moment you sign up to White Collar Fighter you’ll be in safe hands. During training and on event night you will wear a head guard and 16oz Boxing gloves (bigger than normal for more protection).

We keep medical teams on hand for every event. You won’t need them, but that’s how dedicated we are to keeping you safe. We even give you a free post fight and pre-fight medical.

Top-Tier Dietary & Nutritional Advice

Not only will you get expert boxing training but you’ll receive top-tier dietary and nutritional advice from experts that have served athletes, warriors, and fitness experts for years.

Learn what you’re doing now that is robbing you of power, clear thoughts, good sleep, and long life. Learn how a few key habits can change everything for you.

Huge Discounts

Get a huge discount on supplements and nutritional products. We have contracts with major providers that will put advanced strength-building, fat-melting, and health-amplifying products in your hands at near wholesale prices.

Make Lifetime Bonds

Make new friends that can last a lifetime as you and the other warriors in your group go to hell and back together. Watching each other’s backs and keeping each other honest as you all build toward that final climactic battle where one of you will walk away proud, knowing that they gave it everything they had and the other will walk away the victor.

Many contenders form friendships that extend beyond the programme. There is no camaraderie like it.

Remember for a Lifetime

Carry the experience forward for a lifetime with a DVD of your big event. This is the kind of experience that will change you for the rest of your life, don’t ever forget!

What Are You Waiting For?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train hard, overcome fears, step out of your comfort zone and live out a dream.

The question isn’t “why would someone do this”, the question is “do you want to learn what it’s like to dig deep, to reach into your soul and find the tools inside of you to bring your game at a level it’s never been brought before?”. Because that’s what White Collar Fighter is all about.

We just need to know… are you ready for the ultimate boxing experience?

Are you ready to challenge yourself?


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