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WCF51 & WCF52 – Lockdown

WCF51 & WCF52 - Lockdown

On February 9th 2019, the two teams from the WCF Stockport & Bolton camp met in the ring for WCF51 & WCF52 – Lockdown.

We’d like to thank all the contenders that signed up to join the WCF51 & WCF52 Stockport & Bolton camp. We’d also like to thank everyone involved in making WCF51 & WCF52 – Lockdown professional and safe throughout the entire programme and fight night.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors and the spectators that supported the contenders and helped raise money for worthy charities.

Let’s get into the action…

Fight Night Video

Fight Night Gallery

Click/swipe left or right to view the pre-fight and fight night action.

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