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Woman who was ‘too fat to fit on fairground ride’ explains secret behind her 16 stone weight loss

Angela Snagg

[First published on Liverpool Echo – 20th August 2020]

WCF Contender Angela Snagg has had a major transformation after signing up for White Collar Fighter’s 8 week training programme.

A mum of two has managed to halve her body weight and find a fiance.

32-year-old Angela Snagg from Stockbridge Village who at her heaviest weighed 32 stone has two daughters, Rosalie, eight, and April, Seven.

She said there was a point two years ago when something in her “just snapped”.

She said: “I was at my biggest two years ago in 2018.

“In 2017 I got a dog to try and start losing weight and it did work, I lost about two stone just from walking – but then I realised I had to up my game.

Angela said she had been in a relationship that had made her unhappy, but before she ended it she found herself at her lowest point.

Angela Snagg

“I think something snapped in me, I can’t tell you exactly what that was, but enough was enough.

“I got to my biggest because I was at my lowest.

“I actually took an overdose and my mum had to step in for a while to look after my children.

“So I decided to sort myself out.”

After hearing that her auntie had terminal cancer, Angela decided to take up boxing and raise some money for charity.

Exercise together with a fresh start helped motivate her to change her life and get in shape.

Angela Snagg

She said: “That helped give me an extra push, but I could never have done that if it wasn’t for a healthy, happy mindset.

“Once you get rid of the toxic from your life things get better.

“I started in the gym and got myself a Personal Trainer. I started a program in January, and I had a charity boxing match signed up so I had a couple of months to get in shape.”

In two years Angela has halved her body weight down to 16-stone and is now training to become a personal trainer to help other people.

The change exercise – together with calorie counting – has made to her life in that time she says has been remarkable.

She said: “If you’d have told me two years ago I’d be as active as I am now I’d have laughed in your face.

“I couldn’t go on fairground rides with the kids because I was too big.

“I couldn’t run around the park with them because I would have to sit on the bench and watch them as I’d get out of breath.”

Angela Snagg

Last week, Angela’s new partner, who used to be a long-time friend, asked her to become his wife.

She said: “I’ve known him for a while, he lives next door but one to me.

“So we were friends and it blossomed into a relationship and I couldn’t be happier”

Angela says her kids are much more content at home and happier now with their “new mum” and she offered this advice to anybody else who may find themselves in the same situation as she was two years ago.

“It’s never too late to get out and change,” she said, adding: “No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been in that place for, whether you’re in a bad relationship or just a bad place mentally, there are people who will help you.

“It’s never too late.”

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